I am passionate about design, technology and statistical data. Thus, I have been naturally interested in specializing myself in Data Visualization and Human Computer Interaction (read related publication). I have been working with data dissemination of statistical data for almost than 14 years in IBGE, the Government institution responsible for official statistics in Brazil and UNSD, United Nations Statistics Division in New York. In IBGE, I have worked in major projects such as the Brazilian 2010 Census (read related publication), the National Household sample surveys (read related publication) and have been responsible for the management the its main portal and an innovative solution for IBGE mapas, the Portal of maps. In UNSD, I made a significant contribution to the implementation of 2014 UNSD work program creating Web visualizations systems using open data in SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange) format. Thus, I have acquired progressively responsible professional experience in the following areas: data analysis, project management, people management, geographic information systems, recommender systems, intelligent interfaces, data collection systems using mobile devices, data collection systems through internet and statistics always employing and improving the skills acquired in my academic studies: graphic design and computer science.

For more information, please contact me at taissa.sousa@gmail.com. My resume is available at: Linkedin